Monday, April 12, 2010

Dog Food Analysis

Dog Food Analysis

We have all wondered what food is good for my dog(s) . Well we were given this link and decided to share it all of you ! Dog Food Analysis or

This website breaks all the food down by manufacturer and names of the dog food brand and it gives you in good detail what the back of the dog food says and then rates the food.

Food is an extremely important factor in your dogs well being . It can help manage weight , housebreaking and overall health. Dogs need a complete regimen of balanced foods . Some "lower" end dog foods ( which will not be mentioned here ;-) ) can made you dogs have all kinds of issues.

Make sure that when picking a dog food you have the help and knowledge of you veterinarian to help determine whats right for your dog . A high end dog food may be to "rich" for your dog and upset its tummy . A food with not enough of what a dog "needs" may result into bad behavior in which a dog can crave and element and go looking for it in a piece of wood a baseboard even a piece of drywall.

Is there a perfect food for your dog ..... No , but you can help it get the best nutritional value of the food it needs . So that's why we decided to pass along this website so you can do some research on your own if you need or want to .

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