Monday, February 15, 2010

Basic Training is the place to Start

Basic training is where you and your dog should always start . When you enroll in a training program it is important that you dedicate the time as it will be the success of your training and the overall learning of you and your pet. The more time and effort you put in the better the training program will work for you and your pet. This doesn't mean you have to go out and work your dog all day long , but you need to incorporate into your daily life so instead of having to "practice" you are using the material in daily life and it practices itself because your doing the homework to make your dog perform to a new standard.

The 7 most important basic dog training commands for any dog owner are:

  • Heel

  • Sit

  • Stay

  • Come

  • Down

  • Place

  • No

We offer more specialty commands in our training programs but we will talk about those commands another day . The basic commands should be taught first so that other difficult/Advanced ones will be easier to learn for your dog at a later stage.

Remember with any training program consistency is the key ! If you stay consistent and you always have the same answer for your dog he/she will learn . Here's and example: Fluffy is a Pomeranian puppy that the owner let up on the furniture . Now the owner decided that it wasn't a good idea and wants to get Fluffy from jumping on the sofa . Every time Fluffy jumps on the sofa the owner is there to catch Fluffy and say "off " and quickly remove him from the sofa. Now if the owner stays consistent m the problem will be fixed and Fluffy will learn to stay off . If the owner lets fluffy get away with it on occasion because the owner is " not feeling good , One time isn't going to hurt , too tired to care " All that work will be wasted and everything has to be redone. Long story Short , Consistency and repetition is the key to any successful training program !!!

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